High Quality

Our aim is to reach out to each and every corner of the world and make high quality and premium wet wipes accessible to consumers of all geographies. Hence, while continuously innovating our parent brand, we also supply wet wipes to other enthusiastic dealers who are in it for making a difference in the wet wipes segment as well as the private labels.

Here are some basic formalities to be followed before we begin our relationship with you and we start manufacturing great wipes together-

  • Firstly, we would require a detailed information on the product that you are looking for us to manufacture and the consumer need that the product is expected to serve.
  • On the basis of the requirement as described above, we would share the detailed understanding and cost with you.
  • You come on board with us once the project is feasible for both the parties and we are on agreement on the above two points.
  • As we specialise in wipes, we make sure that the wipes are manufactured as per your requirement in a hygienic atmosphere. The packaging design would be provided by you. We, in continuation, will make sure that the packaging material production and sealing happens with proper quality check and within stringent procedural checks.
  • The cost per pouch design will vary depending on the product, no of pieces per pouch as well as no. of colours used in the design. The artwork for the final design shall be provided by the client in CDR or AI format.
  • As stated earlier, both the primary and secondary packaging design would be shared by the client. We would take client’s approval on the final artwork files before getting into printing the entire lot.
  • All additional costs, in case of change in design of pouch shall be borne by the client.
  • Product customisation would involve its own extra cost depending on the scope of customisation.
  • Third party audits shall be conducted as per customer requirements.
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